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The original idea of founder Sally Garrett, fully supported by husband Andy, back in 2011, was to bring the village together with a Scarecrow Weekend.

The reason behind this was that all the new housing had brought many people from outside Northowram and Calderdale into the village and mixing with the already well-established local population was not as good as it could be.

The outcome of that first event proved successful as the integration of the residents continued throughout the year and not just over the May Day Bank holiday weekend, and so the annual event was here to stay.

There was also a surplus of money raised towards the costs of running the event, which spawned the idea of a fund to assist the village in some way.

These initial extra monies were used to fund the permanent Memorial Stone to the ‘fallen’, that is visible to everyone on Northowram Green.

From there more and more projects that benefit the whole village have received monies from the NSE fund.

The NSE committee invites all societies, groups, Churches, and community projects, to apply for ‘funding’ that could help with a particular project.

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