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As part of its continued commitment to supporting the community this award is granted to an individual, or a group of individuals, that have made an outstanding contribution to the village.
In particular, this year, we encourage nominations for individuals/groups who have provided support to the community, or individuals within it, during the Covid19 pandemic.

Eligibility:                  The award is open to any resident/s of Northowram, who (must) reside in the village - other than the overall                                     winner from the previous year.  

Nominations:               can be made by any resident/s of Northowram, who (must) reside in the village, other than members of the                                      NSE Committee.  Nominations should be submitted on the form available here or from any member of the                                      committee. Forms will also available in the local shops and pubs (after lock-down).

                                    Each nomination can be backed by up to two supporting statements from other Northowram residents.                                            Such supporting statements must be signed by each supporter along with their full name and address. 

Nominations should:   Give details of the person/s being nominated  -  ie name and address
                                   Give details of the person making the nomination  -  ie name and address
                                   State clearly, and as fully as possible, the reason for the nomination
                                   Indicate whether the nominee’s activities have benefitted the village visually or environmentally or                                                   whether they have been in support of other residents, particularly during the Covid19 pandemic.
                                   State clearly how Northowram residents have benefitted from the activities of the nominee/s.

These notes are available to download here.

Nominations should be passed to an NSE Committee member in person or via The Club on Northowram Green, by email to or posted to the mailbox outside Northowram News on Northowram Green, and must be submitted by January 31st in each year.

Judging:         Nominations will initially be vetted by an NSE Sub-Committee for a short list to be brought to the full NSE                                      Committee, and, if a Nominee is known to any Committee member, they will declare their interest.  

Award:          If the award is for an individual or a group, the award will be £100 of vouchers plus an engraved trophy.

The winner of the award will be announced in May 2021, at the start of the Northowram Scarecrow Event.

our inaugural winner Jim Shepherd

The Northowram Scarecrow Event Committee

would like to wish you all

a Happy and Peaceful Christmas

as well as a Healthy 2021 

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