We're back!

Last night saw the first face to face Scarecrow Committee meeting since March 2020. The smiles on peoples faces told the story of what we have missed in trying to organise our event for the community as a whole.

So the process has re-started and our first task is the A.G.M. to be held on Wednesday, September 8th.

Also, please see the item below.

scarecrow logo 2.jpg




Following our successful ‘GoFundMe’ campaign, which raised a magnificent total of £1,867.65,
we are now delighted to ask for bids from any community based groups, churches etc that require funding for specific projects.

You can find the instructions and form under the folder marked forms at the top of the page.

Please submit your bid following the process and our sub committee will meet after the AGM in September to consider them as suitable and if enough funds are available. Then maybe you could help enhance the village as in the pictures below.

g o r (2).jpg
aed (2).jpg
doctors surgery.jpg
community centre.jpg
nib car park (2).jpg

Please see the minutes for the on-line

meeting held on March 24th here